Done for you: Press Release

Do you have a story to tell, but you haven't got the time to write a press release?

No worries, just let us do the work.

This is what you get:

📌 20 minute clarity call to define the story

📌 Liaison with the person/s to be quoted (if required)

📌  Press Release as Word document

📌  Notes to the Editor (additional information)

📌  Help with choosing an image to go with the press release

📌  Instructions on how to send the press release

And, as a bonus, we will also help you to identify the top five media to reach out to.

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Hi, I am Elke Koessling and I have worked in Public & Media Relations for over 35 years. I also hold an Honours Diploma in Journalism and have written articles for major publications in Germany. 

Writing press releases is something I do on a very regular basis, with a great success rate in getting articles published and obtaining interviews on the radio and TV. I'd be delighted to help you. 

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