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Visibility Matters: Learning from Netflix

Somehow we are at well into July, and 2024 is already halfway over. It's summer in the northern hemisphere (not that it feels like that in the UK...), and before long we'll be working on our New Years Resolutions again. My 2024 New Year Resolution was to send to be more engaged on LinkedIn! Well, we can see how this went... But late is better than never, right? Visibility matters more than ever in an increasingly noisy world. Sports events like the Euros, Wimbledon and the Olympics are baying ...

ExFF25 Diaries: Food is not an enemy

Yesterday I met with two amazing women - one in person, Michell Tenreiro, and one online, Nathalie Sansonetti.Watch out for a series of events, some online and some in person, about "Food is not the enemy"! This is all part of our Exmoor Food Fest celebrations (we're ten in Feb '25, but I believe in celebrating birthdays over months!). Put 24 June, 7pm, into your diary for an interactive online chat with Nathalie about making your gut happy, allowing you to enjoy food even if you suffer from ...

The importance of investigative journalism

Last night, my friend, mentor and client Sandi Logan won the 2024 UK True Crime Award for his book BETRAYED in the category Outstanding Investigative Reporting. “Longform journalism is still an important part of the craft of reporting and breaking news,” said Logan who dashed to London for the awards from his Australian base in Mystery Bay. “The extensive research required of a story such as that of the Drug Grannies from an era when records were stored on microfiche, court ...

Preparing for the 2025 Exmoor Food Fest

After the Exmoor Food Fest is BEFORE the Exmoor Food Fest! 2025 is a big year for us: it is the 10th anniversary of the Exmoor Food Fest, and it is going to be BIG! 🎉I am the founder and organiser of the annual Exmoor Food Fest which has been taking place in restaurants across Exmoor and a little bit beyond since January 2015.  For our big celebrations I am looking for 100 restaurants, pubs, tea rooms and eateries to take part in the 2025 celebrations.  The first three restaurants ...

What is your legacy?

Legacy NOW - a Masterclass by Julie Creffield this Thursday, 14 March 2024, 1 pm.

BETRAYED is shortlisted in UK True Crime Awards

Congratulations to Sandi Logan whose book BETRAYED has just been shortlisted in the 2024 UK True Crime Awards in in the "Outstanding Investigative Reporting" category 🎉🎉🎉 You can find out more about Sandi Logan and BETRAYED on his website: Sandi Logan is a Canadian-born Australian who has spent more than 40 years as a journalist, diplomat, ministerial adviser, spokesman and senior public servant on three continents. He is now an author. Betrayed, ...

Putting yourself centre-stage

Join me with a free guest pass at my guest expert session about "Putting yourself centre-stage" next Tuesday, 6 March, 10am.


Hello there!

Hi, my name is Elke Koessling Winzer, and I am delighted that you have found your way to my site.

I help small business owners to get clear on their story and increase their reach & income with the help of PR.
I have an academic background and have worked for the Australian government, the German entertainment industry, British local authorities and UK based hospitality businesses. Over the years I have also worked as a travel journalist and had three books published.

I have worked in public relations, events & media for close to 40 years and now offer you access to my experience and expertise across these fields, including business development and business support.  

In my signature programme “Centre Stage” you will learn the process I have used again and again successfully to get you into the spotlight in front of the right people. 

Haven’t got the time to do it all yourself? No problem - just join the waiting list for my 121 Done4You service.

Here is what I can do for & with you:


  • PR & Event Strategies and Support
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies

Courses & Workshops

  • Designed to help you move onto centre-stage, into the spotlight, to standing ovations from an adoring public.


  • Aids to get started with Public Relations

All of the above is available to - and suitable for - people around the globe.

Then there is my work on Exmoor, the UK's smallest National Park.  I offer some events and solutions specific for people who live and work here, such as Exmoor4all and the Exmoor Food Fest. 

Looking forward to sharing my expertise with you!

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