New MV feature has landed!

Hey, guess what? Membervault just introduced a super exciting new feature in May 2023! Now, you can have a navigation bar right at the top of your MV (Membervault) interface. This means you can say goodbye to your old website and make your MV the main hub for your content and offerings. To access the Navigation feature, simply head over to your Dashboard, then click on Appearances, and finally select Navigation. With this feature, you can easily link to various items like specific products ...

Customer Portal for Stripe Customers

You can now set up a customer portal in your Stripe account where your clients can manage their subscriptions and billing details themselves.Once you set up your portal (Go to Settings > Customer Portal) you can create a link which you can give your clients.There is also a way to integrate the Customer Portal on your website (requires "a little bit of code"), but I haven't quite figured out yet what to do.I am sure there are loads of clever people here you'd be able to tell us! Here is the link ...

Are you looking for an alternative to Twitter?

Are you on Twitter and are wondering what the future might bring on that platform now that Elon Musk has taken over with a vengeance? Over the past few days the new Twitter CEO has (unlawfully) fired many teams, including the ones for Accessibility and Human Rights, alienated his advertisers, and come up with the bright idea to give everyone who pays $8 per month a blue tick. Many people are looking for an alternative community - and many of us have set up accounts on #Mastodon, a 'federation ...

ACE Community

Procrastination is a thing. As is overwhelm and feeling lonely while working from home.  So let's get together in the ACE Community for Accountability Community Efficiency Every week we meet via Zoom for co-working sessions. It's a chance to finally get things DONE.  Accountability is so important if you are want your business to succeed. ACE will help you to Highlight your goals Take ownership of your actions Improve your performance Measure your progress Gain confidence Validate ...

Join the Blog Workshop

Eager to get started but a bit overwhelmed by having to set up the blog page and post? Not a problem, we've got you covered: Join me next week for an hour-long interactive workshop which will walk you through the set up. At the end of the hour you'll have you blog page set up, and you're ready to concentrate on creating content for your blog! I am running two workshops on Tuesday and again on Thursday. Sign up here - there is a limit to how many people I can have in the workshop, and ...

Let's get started!

Well, hello there! The new blog feature has landed on MV. This is a major and exciting step towards being able to use MV as our website.  


Hello there!

Hi, my name is Elke Koessling Winzer, and I am delighted that you have found your way to my site.

I help small business owners to get clear on their story and increase their reach & income with the help of PR.
I have an academic background and have worked for the Australian government, the German entertainment industry, British local authorities and UK based hospitality businesses. Over the years I have also worked as a travel journalist and had three books published.

I have worked in public relations, events & media for over 35 years and now offer you access to my experience and expertise across these fields, including business development and business support.  As a small business or organisation, it is likely that you have to wear many hats. A helping hand is just as useful as access to another brain!

Here is what I can do for & with you:


  • PR & Event Strategies and Support
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Platform development (Membervault)


  • Bitesize mini-courses to learn a specific solution very quickly (ca 1 hour)
  • Spotlight courses to go deeper into a topic (up to 5 hours)
  • Deep-dive courses to achieve a long-lasting transformation


  • Aids to help with Membervault
  • Aids to get started with Public Relations

All of the above is available to - and suitable for - people around the globe.

Then there is my work on Exmoor, the UK's smallest National Park.  I offer some events and solutions specific for people who live and work here, such as Exmoor4all and the Exmoor Food Fest. 

Looking forward to sharing my expertise with you!

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