Time to get visible!

Do you need a helping hand to get you and your business out of the shadows into the well-deserved limelight? 

Whether lack of knowledge and sheer frustration with social media platforms and all things 'tech' is stopping you or you want to grow your business by learning new skills, you have come to the right place:
🌟 My bite-sized courses are quick guides to resolve irritating tech questions.
🌟 The DIY "Spotlight" Courses go a bit deeper, training you in detail to tackle an issue which has been holding you back in your business.
🌟 Our signature courses will guide you through a transformation, building up your skills to ensure that you and your business will step into the limelight and help you increase your income.
🌟 And finally, there are VIP Days! 🎉  That's the quickest way to grow your business as the work is done with and for you. 

(You will also find links to sign up for Exmoor related services.)

I am Elke Koessling, and I have worked in public relations, events & (social) media for over 35 years. It would be my pleasure to help you build foundations for success - increasing your reach via social and/or traditional media, and using platforms which make your life easier so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

The first step? Have a look around the Marketplace (new courses are being added all the time) and book a FREE discovery call with me.

Available Products

FREE Trello Journal for 2023

Get your free Tello Journal for 2023:

Plan your days and months.

Take stock of your achievements.

Reflect on what is happening in your life.

Get your Ducks in a Row (Intensive Workshop)

A one-week-intensive workshop to help you set the tech foundations for your business.
Together we work our way step-by-step through what's holding you back and go from chaos and overwhelm to confidence and calm.

If you are fed up with paddling madly to keep up with "all the tech" and just want to concentrate on growing your business, then this is for you. 

Together we identify the most troublesome ducks and make sure they all line up nicely by the end of our week together. 🐥🐥🐥

NEXT DATE: 5 December 2022 till 9 December 2022

ACE Community

Are you looking for
Accountability - Community - Efficiency
in your work process?

Then join the ACE Community for co-working sessions, to kickstart your business by improving your work structure. No more holding you back! 

FREE Template for a Press Release

FREE General template for a Press Release to get you started with your PR.

Course: Write Press Releases which get your FEATURED in the Media!

Learn to define your news and write press releases which journalists pick up & get featured in mainstream media.

Done for you: Press Release

We write a press release for you and identify relevant media.

VIP Day - Your PR Strategy

You’re ready to have take your business into the limelight, and you need someone to work out your PR Strategies with and for you. VIP Day - Your PR Strategy  is perfect for you if:

  • you want to get more eyeballs on your business

  • you want to gain expert status

  • you want to have a clear path for getting your story out there.

From finding your story, to defining your audience, identifying media contacts to sending out your press release - we do all this in ONE day. 

You will receive all the information and tools you need to start promoting your business to the media.

Toolkit: Free Membervault Resources

You’re ready to dive into getting your Membervault set up, and you could do with a few tools to get you going. This FREE MV Toolkit is perfect for you if:

  • you want to set/ smarten up your MV

  • you want templates and quick links

  • you want to stop wasting your time with trial and error.

Membervault Set-up Blueprint

You’re ready to set up your Membervault, and you need a step-by-step guide. The Membervault Set-Up Blueprint is a Trello template which is perfect for you if:

  • you want a fully functioning Membervault;

  • you want a simple step-by-step guide through the set-up, including integrations;

  • you want a tool where you can record your own notes.

VIP Day: Your Membervault Set-up

You’re ready to have an online course or membership, and you need someone to set up your Membervault with and for you. VIP Day - Your Membervault Set-up  is perfect for you if:

  • you want your Membervault spick and span, ready to go

  • you want someone to do this for or with you

  • you want to start using Membervault as quickly as possible

From tech, integrations to strategy, together we will build your MV in a day.

1:1 Power Session

Power up your business with a 90 minute phone or Zoom call where we can discuss business strategies to move you into the limelight.

Done for You: Social Media Audit

Let us have a good look at your online presence to make sure you are on brand, properly set up and that you are sending out the correct message.

Set up your Facebook & Instagram Shop

Step by step guide for setting up a Facebook & Instagram Shop (for users outside the USA )

Exmoor Food Fest

Are you a restaurant based on or close to Exmoor?

Sign up for the 2023 Exmoor Food Fest which will take place during February (and, if you like, March) 2023 across Exmoor, celebrating the best our region's hospitality sector has to offer.

Become an Exmoor4all Partner

Do you want to connect with thousands (if not millions) of Exmoor fans? 

Are you looking to promote your business to our followers?

Then join Exmoor4all as a Partner. 

Done for you: Your Exmoor4all Marketplace Shop in 1 Day!

Sit back and concentrate on your core business while we build your eCommerce shop on the Exmoor4all Marketplace.


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