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Exmoor Food Fest 2025


In February 2025 , the Exmoor Food Fest will celebrate the best our region has to offer for the 10th time.  Throughout the whole month, participating restaurants, pubs and tearooms will be offering special ‘meal deals’ from, say, £17.50 for two courses to Gourmet tasting dinners which attract visitors from across the region and beyond, adding close to half a million pound in additional revenue to the local economy.

The Exmoor Food Fest takes place during a time of year which is traditionally difficult for local businesses. Thanks to the Exmoor Food Fest, businesses are able to retain staff, and a light is shown on Exmoor as a whole which helps to increase visibility and attract visitors throughout the rest of the year.

Over the years, the Exmoor Food Fest, an industry led event without public funding, has grown from strength to strength.  Each year, over a million people are reached via social media alone, supported by editorials in local, regional and national publications and features on ITV and BBC TV and radio programmes.

In 2025 we are offering again three levels of promotions for participating restaurants plus as a VIP Premium package which will ensure top media coverage and promotions for your restaurant/business.

Bronze: £99.00 

📌 Full page on ;

📌 promotion on Social Media from the time of signing up till the end of February 2024.

Silver:  £169.00*

📌 As above, plus

📌 a "Welcome Email" to our over 3000 Newsletter subscribers, and

📌 full page on  (value: £99.00) (From sign-up till August 2024.)

📌 Bonus: One 'live' on Facebook and Instagram
*(Payment plan available)

Gold: £269.00*

📌As above, plus

📌 four blog posts on our websites in the lead up to and during the Exmoor Food Fest and

📌 an advert in all Exmoor Food Fest Newsletters (to over 3000 subscribers).

📌Bonus: At least four 'lives' on Facebook and Instagram and one dedicated video/reel for social media.

*(Payment plan available)

And our best value package:

🎉 VIP Premium: £650.00*🎉

📌 As above, plus

📌 featured advert (image with text) on the homepage of

📌 free extension of any Exmoor Food Fest deals into March (value: £99.00)

📌 continued promotion on social media (we RT/share on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Mastodon and Twitter) (till August 2024);

📌 one dedicated post per month created by us on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Mastodon and Twitter (till August 2024);

📌 advert in our Exmoor4all newsletters (minimum 4 per month) to  over 1000 subscribers (till August 2024);

📌 an extra 3 opportunities to promote your business/events outside the Exmoor Food Fest via newsletter/social media/our blog.

📌 We are happy to discuss any alternative requirements you might have (for example, professional photos, assistance with press releases etc)

*(Payment plan available)

As soon as you sign up, we'll promote you by sharing your social media posts.

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Be part of the 2025 Exmoor Food Fest's 10th anniversary

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 🥇 Gold (Payment Plan)
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